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Pad Na Jou Hart Klankbaan

TitlePad Na Jou Hart Klankbaan
ArtistVarious Artists
Product code* LNMCD008
Barcode* 6009694029216
GenreSoundtracks / Afrikaans
Label* Luisternet Musiek
Format* CD
Price excl.* 56.00
This product is the soundtrack of the Afrikaans film PAD NA JOU HART to open in Ster Kinekor Theatres nationwide on 14 February 2014. The book based on the film was also released during November 2013. The soundtrack will be released during January 2014. The theme song for the movie titled PAD NA JOU HART - performed by Joe Foster was released to radio on 20 November 2013 with an overwhelming response. The song has been playlisted on all major radio stations including JacarandaFM and OFM. The music video will be released during the first week of December 2013. The second single from this album will be released to radio stations nationwide during the second week of January 2014. The title of the song is SAL OORLOG VIR JOU MAAK and it is performed by the very popular group ADAM. The release of this song also falls within the time line of the reveal of the new ADAM member with exclusive play time of the song on GrootFM / ERS / Bok Radio and OFM for 1 week. Exclusive interview in Huisgenoot and instudio visit by the group at Jukebox on 1 February with the first play of the music video for this song on Jukebox and Huisgenoot social networking platforms. These two songs is also for a start only available on this specific soundtrack. Other very popular artists such as Die Heuwels Fantasties, Riku Latti, Bouwer Bosch, Karen Zoid also features on this soundtrack.

PressThere is a combined marketing effort in the promotion of the book, the release of the soundtrack and the release of the movie. Media partners: SARIE / RSG / kykNET / RAPPORT Radio interviews on every station in SA television ad campaigns on kyKNET

Disk 1
* Konings - Foto na Dans
* As musiek begin speel - Karen Zoid
* Medisynemens - Riku Latti
* In en Uit (Akoesties) VFKT
* Maak my sterk - Foto na Dans
* Sonrotse - Die Heuwels Fantasties
* Ons teen die wereld - Dans Dans Lisa
* Up - Black Handed Kites
* Hoofstroom - Riku Latti
* Sal oorlog vir jou maak - ADAM
* African Skies & Fireflies - Christoph Kotze
* Smoorverlief - Riku Latti
* Kan ek met jou dans - Bouwer Bosch ft. Monique
* Pad na jou hart - Joe Foster

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